I A N   L I P S K Y Sherman Oaks, CA 91411
424 644 6375, blog

To design & support customized web-based solutions, with emphasis on programming in python or ASP.net.

  • Database design and administration
    (MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MS access)
  • Web site design and development
    (ASP, ASP.Net, Python, PSP, AJAX)
  • Apache & IIS support
  • Win2k and Win2k3 System Administration
  • MS Windows Media Technologies
  • Win9x support and maintenance
  • Linux System Administration (redhat/fedora & debian)
Dec 2011 - Current
   Affinity IG
     .NET ,MSSQL Contract work - Updating foxtrialfinder.michaeljfox.org website with additional features and fixes. Work done in Visual Studio 2010, C#, MS SQL 2008 R2.
May 2011 - Dec 2011
   Foundry Force
     .NET ,MSSQL, OrchardCMS Contract work - Convert an existing website to use OrchardCMS. Updating foxtrialfinder.michaeljfox.org website with additional features and fixes. Work done in Visual Studio 2010, C#, MS SQL 2008 R2.
Oct 2006 - May 2011
   Specialty Merchandise Corp
     ASP/VBScript, SQL,  ASP.NET Development Full time employment supporting an extensive ASP/VBscript site (www.smcorp.com). Also responsible for handling other IT tasks: Set up an intranet Sharepoint site, re-wrote existing SQL Reporting service reports, re-designed an existing ASP.NET 1.1 site using C# 2.0 and AJAX 1.0. Work done using Web Expression, Visual Studio 2003, 2005 & 2008, SQL2000.
April 2006 - Oct 2006
   Belay Development
     ASP.NET Development Consultant on an existing project - tasked with completing the web front-end. Tasks range from finishing off partially completed pages to taking static mockups and creating a working page. All work done in ASP.NET 1.1, C#, SQLExpress and Visual Studio 2003.
Jan 2004
   SmartTrac Computer Systems, Inc.
     System Upgrade Replaced a Win2k server with a Win2k3 standard server; migrated existing websites, scripts, databases and permissions.
July 2001 - Feb 2005
   California Institute of Technology
Development & SysAdmin
Designing and maintaining a front end web interface to a backend postgres database to handle inputting and searching gene sequence data for the Sea Urchin Genome Project. All programming done using Python. Setup, maintain and upgrade Beowulf cluster running Redhat and Debian.
September 2003
   California Institute of Technology
     Web Development Re-wrote existing code of the SUGP site to use python server pages running under webware
Jan 2002 - March 2002
   SmartTrac Computer Systems, Inc.
     Web/Ecommerce Development  Redesigned an existing website (www.garysmarketplace.com) for online shopping. All programming done in VB.NET/ASP.NET. Designed SQL database to handle product catalog and order tracking.
May 2001
   SmartTrac Computer Systems, Inc.
     System Upgrade       Upgraded an existing NT4 server to Win2k server.
September 2000 - April 2001
   Personal Spider, Inc.
     Web Programmer/   
Involved in various programming and user interface projects, as well as some Linux system administration, in designing a new internet search engine. All programming was done in Python. Database backend was PostgresSQL
January 2000 - May 2000
   SiteSee-er Enterprises
Worked on several sites, with tasks centered on enabling ASP based shopping cart. Functionality ranging from managing user sessions to automated email scripts and order management to modifying existing product databases for dynamic webpages.
June 1998 - September 2000
   SmartTrac Computer Systems, Inc.
    System Maintenance  Installed and maintained workstations, servers and network, running Win98 and WinNT4.0.
Tech Support trouble shooting both internal user problems as well as customer issues
Web Development designed several back-end solutions to ecommerce sites. (see below)
  • Implemented a shopping cart system based on ASP, IIS4 and MS Access
  • created a customized product catalog database (Access)
  • Designed a dynamic database driven product specials system, with a web based interface for updating the weekly specials (Access, ASP, FrontPage)
  • Customized web interface for retrieving online orders (ASP, FrontPage)
  • Installed and configured MS windows media services
  • Converted analog video into digital media streams
  • Integrated the digital video library with the existing shopping cart system (Access, ASP, SQL7)
  • Site promotion
  • Created a database driven system of personalized websites. (Access, ASP)
  • Created a backend web-based system to manage the personalized websites.
  • Designed and developed a database and all associated web pages to accept online applications (Access, ASP)
  • Created a backend system to view submitted applications (ASP)
  • Site promotion, achieving better then a top 10 listing in targeted keywords
  • Site promotion
  • Installation of an online bulletin board system (Perl)
February 1996 - January 1998
    Earthlink Network, Inc
     Asst supervisor of    
email support
Customer and technical support. Support delivered via phone and email. Contributed to online customer resources and technical support documents, including web documents. Some work done by telecommuting.
May 1995 - November 1995
   Route66 Interactive Multimedia Inc
     Database manager   Responsible for the acquisition and entering of data. This involved overseeing personnel to enter data and verifying the accuracy of the data entered. Extra duties were on-line data research, site promotion, and personnel recruitment. The bulk of the above work was done by telecommuting. (Access, UNIX)
September 1994 - January 1995
    SmartTrac Computer Systems, Inc.
     Database manager  Primary duties were the set up of database management systems to track customer information and updating the database. Also responsible for utilizing Internet resources for business-related research, and limited customer support. (Access)
  • SUNY at Stony Brook: December 1994, CS
  • Stuyvesant HS Manhattan, NY
  • Ellenville HS Ellenville, NY

Academic Honors: National Merit Commendation